who we've worked with

InPraxis Group has a proven ability to work with a number of different organizations and contexts. Our clients have ranged from museums, special interest groups and corporations to a variety of government departments and non-profit organizations. We work collaboratively and have proven communication skills. Our practice is strongly based on the premise that stakeholders need to be involved in the process at all stages, and demonstrated by the strong teacher involvement in all of our educational resources as well as ongoing communication with the organizations for whom we are working. This has resulted in the creation of effective and creative resources and programs that have been recognized for their quality and value to educators.
  • Alberta Education
  • Alberta Beef Producers
  • Alberta Canola
  • Historica
  • Alberta Municipal Affairs
  • Elections Alberta
  • City of Edmonton
  • Alberta Milk
  • Nelson Education
  • Alberta Regional Consortiums
  • Historica
  • John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights
  • Alberta SPCA

Contact us . email: pramsay@inpraxis.org . phone: 780.421.7163 . toll free: 866.925.7163
178 Ambleside Drive SW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6W 0H4